Times of resistance

From the 9th to the 10th June 2017, CZKd hosted an international meeting of citizens resisting democratic regression in Europe.

This meeting took place in Belgrade and English-language recordings of all of the main discussions can now be found on this page.

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About the meeting:

What connects the social movements and protests which have emerged in different countries in Europe over the past few years is the discontent of citizens towards the incapacitated or alienated institutions they depend on. Besides contesting the right-wing appropriation of discontent, social movements and protests for the defence of basic human rights and against inequality, racism and the authoritarian usurpation of power show how far the regression of democracy has gone and highlight the incapacity of the obsolete or corrupted mechanisms which are failing to resist the wave of conservative counter-revolution.

This conference was the initial stage of a solidary action, in which we discussed methods, ideas, programmes, experiences, chances and obstacles, in order to build a stronger front for democracy. Critical thinking, resistance and international solidarity are the fundamental values of Europe, which we evoke to rethink our common future and to overcome the consequences of the delegitimisation of democracy. Democracy has been taken for granted, but it is a practice that has to be thought through and developed every day. That is why CZKd invited movements and protests which carried and continue to carry the idea of democracy into the streets and squares of Europe, reclaiming public spaces and public goods, meeting and finding common ground for future actions, to transform the memory of freedom into its social reality.

Democracy will either revolutionise or fall to counter-revolution.


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This international meeting was organised by the Centre for Cultural Decontamination (CZKd) in cooperation with CCFD-Terre Solidaire