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The crisis of trust in institutions

Live from 14:OO GMT / 15:00 CET / 16:00 EET
on Sunday 3rd November!

With Tim Black, Miranda Green,
Simon Wessely & Linda Woodhead

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Vienna Humanities Festival 2022 - Vienna, 27.09.-02.10.22

How are the war in Ukraine, rising inflation and the impact of two years living under a pandemic changing life in Europe? This fifth edition of the Vienna Humanities Festival discusses the uncertainty of life in modern-day Europe during four days of discussion & debate.
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Social networks or social nightmares? - Vienna, 27/09/19

Are social networks a force for good, a tool that enables exchange and the coming together of people across the world or do they pose one of the most serious threats we have seen to our societies and democratic values? Roger McNamee, Evgeny Morozov & Max Schrems join us to look at the pros & cons of social media.
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National identity and belonging: what does it mean to be a citizen? - London, 13/10/18

What does it mean to be the citizen of a nation state? This Battle of Ideas debate explores the questions raised by Brexit, migration, home-grown terrorists in Syria and the Windrush scandal, looking at what citizenship means in the globalised world of the 21st century.
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