Andreea Petruț

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Andreea Petruț works on public policies for higher education at the Romanian Academic Society, one of the oldest think tanks in Romania. She has an academic background in political science and political organisation management and has been politically active as one of the leaders of the Romanian student movement and an organiser of many civil protests over the past few years. In addition to these occasional engagements, she is also active in several NGOs and civil groups that promote integrity, equality of opportunity, participative democracy and protection of the environment.

Andreea is one of the project coordinators of the Clean Universities Coalition — a project for monitoring and evaluating university integrity and good governence. As a board member of her local and national students unions, she has been involved in coordinating several projects, campaigns and protests for students rights. Amongst others, she has been involved in organising: the anti-austerity protests (2012), protests against the Roșia Montană Project (2013), the Colectiv anti-government protest (2015) and the anti-corruption protests (2017). Throughout these actions, she was part of the team that established the political and communication strategy, developing the protests’ main messages and organising their street management. She is also a founding member of Demos — a progressive eco-political civil platform, launched in 2015, which promotes democracy and solidarity. Demos organises local debates, drafts policy proposals, builds connections with NGOs and local communities and educates its members and about democratic politics and public policy through debates and workshops.

Information valid as of summer 2017.