Centre for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade

The Centre for Cultural Decontamination
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Belgrade's Centre for Cultural Decontamination looks to provide a space within which different, often underrepresented, groups can come togther. Promoting informal education, socio-political engagement, critical thinking and alternative and experimental cultural practices, the CZKD is an important contributor to Serbia's civil society.
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What is Europe to us and what are we to Europe?
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How does Serbia see the EU and what is the domestic perception of how Serbia is seen by the EU? The CzKD invited speakers from a variety of disciplines to assess EU-Serbia relations and to look at how the communication of this relationship affects public thinking.
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Times of resistance
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Belgrade's CZKd hosted an international meeting on the regression of democracy in Europe. With representatives of recent social movements and protests, this meeting looked at the methods, ideas, programmes, experiences, chances and obstacles in the fight to build a stronger front for democracy.
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