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Hope and Despair, Vienna Humanities Festival 2019
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The Vienna Humanities Festival returns for its fourth incarnation in September 2019, this time looking at the impact of multiple interlinked global crises upon the state of democracy and contemplating how we can plan for the continued pursuit of a progressive, democratic future.
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CEF 2018 – Demand the impossible!
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The tenth Central European Forum once more hosted intellectuals and literary figures from across the continent, this year, proposing we demand the impossible, as it looked back at 1968 and 2018, analysing the continuity of ideals and their application in contemporary Europe.
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Times of resistance
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Belgrade's CZKd hosted an international meeting on the regression of democracy in Europe. With representatives of recent social movements and protests, this meeting looked at the methods, ideas, programmes, experiences, chances and obstacles in the fight to build a stronger front for democracy.
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The perception of the judiciary and the relationship between the rule of law and social insecurities
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Depo looks at Turkey's judiciary and how it is generally perceived within Turkey, with Suavi Aydın and Berke Özenç assessing the impact these perceptions have upon social confidence and the ways in which people in Turkey lead their lives.
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What does the future hold for us and for Russia?
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And what about the future of Russia? Will public dissatisfaction with widespread corruption and the fallibility of key institutes suffice to bring about change or are reactionary mentalities so ingrained and distrust of modernity so prevalent that the near future will continue to mirror much of the country's recent past? The Sakharov Centre takes a closer look at the political dynamics determining sentiment in Russia today. Watch the video highlights!