Solidarity and future actions

150 150 Time To Talk

About the recording:

The open gathering of all, the plenum, was used to organise the students’ rebellions in Zagreb in 2009 and Belgrade in 2011. During the protests in Bosnia in 2014, plenums also became a public space in which to bring citizens back to politics and to give them the power to take collective decisions.

Summing up our shared views and the information we had acquired about initiatives, examples and histories of resistance, CZKd therefore invited their colleagues and the broader public to a free summarising discussion in the form of plenum.

The equal treatment of all the participants and the direction of the discussion was provided through moderation by Igor Štiks, with the hope of coming up with a declaration on our future solidarity and a potential modality for common actions.


Igor Štiks – Author and Scholar


Clémence Beugnot — CCFD-Terre Solidaire

Times of Resistance:

This recording shows the start of CZKd‘s Times of Resistance meeting of citizens resisting democratic regression in Europe.

To find out more about this meeting and to watch recordings of the other discussions, visit the main event page by clicking here.


This international meeting was organised by the Centre for Cultural Decontamination (CZKd) in cooperation with CCFD-Terre Solidaire