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Central European Forum 2019 – The public vs. fear
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The 10th Central European Forum casts a light on the legacy of the Velvet Revolution on its own 30th anniversary. Contrasting the different fears of then and now, this year's panels look at the impact of the pace of socio-economic change, climate change and divisive politics.
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Who are “the people”?
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This Battle of Ideas debate looks at the concept of "the people", its relationship to democracy, its Brexit consequences and implications and what is seen by some as its dangerous usurpation by populists. Who are "the people" and why are we hearing so much about them lately?
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The Kyiv International – ‘68 NOW
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The team at Kyiv's VCRC organises its second Kyiv International, inviting an international cast of speakers and artists to look at the legacy of 1968 and how the emancipatory potential of the idea of the international can be mobilised against new conflicts and constructs designed to divide us.
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Time to Talk open letter in support of Osman Kavala
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On November 1st, the leading Turkish cultural figure, Osman Kavala, was charged with trying to overthrow the Turkish government. Here, Time to Talk members and their organisations offer their support and call on European politicians and media platforms to ensure that he receives a fair and transparent trial.
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Jacek Kuroń Festival 2016
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Krytyka Polityczna's 3rd annual Jacek Kuroń Festival will cast light on the crisis of contemporary democracy, looking at its causes and ways to empower civil society groups to help bring us out of it. As always, the festival will also feature a series of events dedicated to remembering the work and the message of the festival's patron, Jacek Kuroń.
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The limits of European solidarity: has Europe forgotten Ukraine and Greece?
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In the wake of the Paris attacks and the migrant crisis, The Red House asks where the limits of European solidarity lie. Do we lack solidarity or are we overwhelmed by conflicting solidarities? And, now that we've moved on to the next crises, are we really still interested in the fates of Ukraine and Greece?
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Refugees in Vienna © Bwag/CC-BY-SA-4.0
The exodus to Europe: has migration highlighted a European crisis of social solidarity?
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Following the summer's Greek crisis, the influx of refugees and migrants has highlighted disagreements in the EU and raised questions about our desire and our ability to come to common agreement. A debate on Grexit, Brexit, humanism, pragmatism, the East/West divide and how to move forwards.
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Beyond the public sphere, towards the commons
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Italian revolutionary philosopher Antonio Negri speaks in Warsaw on social models and the commons, critiquing the current state of affairs and proposing his own models for empowering the multitudes and overcoming the power of capital.
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Krytyka Polityczna & friends: the Central Eastern Europe Meeting, 2015
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From the 27th-30th August, activists from across Central and Eastern Europe came together to discuss how to strengthen their co-operative efforts and how to further build up and empower communities and individuals throughout the region.
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Festiwal Kuronia 2015
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The 2nd Jacek Kuroń Festival took place in an extended format and with a special focus on solidarity in times of division. Featuring distinguished speakers from around the world, the festival's strong point lay in socio-political debates, but there was a wide spectrum of accompanying events, including film screenings, discovery walks, open seminars and critical art.
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The end of the democratic world
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This is a transcript of the Kultura Liberalna seminar Byliśmy głupi [We were stupid], which featured Polish philosopher Marcin Król discussing the Round Table and other critical events of 1989 with the Kultura Liberalna employees Łukasz Pawłowski and Tomasz Sawczuk.
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Everything you wanted to know about the Maidan, but were too afraid to ask
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On the 3rd September, members of the Ukranian editorial board of Krytyka Polityczna and representatives of Kyiv's Visual Culture Research Centre came together to discuss the origins and motivations of the participants in 2013-14's Euromaidan. Answering those questions you haven't felt able to ask, Wednesday's speakers looked to fill the Warsaw audience in on the background to the protests. Watch the video highlights!
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