Whose solidarity, whose egoism?

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On Monday the 5th November 2012, Krytyka Polityczna presented Whose solidarity, whose egoism? Crisis and European community in Łódź

This debate aimed to find answers to the questions of how the southernmost states in Europe fell into the debt trap – with an emphasis on the problems in Greece – and what our response to this crisis should be? Is this best way forward to enforce belt-tightening and emphasise the merits “learning the hard way” or is perhaps an exemplary display of European solidarity on the cards? Who is ultimately responsible for the current situation and who should pay to get us out of it?


Prof. Elżbieta Mączyńska (Polish Economic Association)

Dionisios Sturis (TOK FM radio)

Adam Ostolski (Green Party)


Michał Sutowski (Political Critique)