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Europe: from hope to disaffection. A Mediterranean view
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In a day of seminars, the CCCB & the British Academy look at the shift in perceptions of the EU from the perspective of Southern Europe, tracing how the European project has gone from being greeted as a positive development to having increasingly negative associations.
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Understanding the populist turn: a conversation with Frank Furedi
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De Balie Director, Yoeri Albrecht talks to Frank Furedi on populism, looking to trace the trajectory that has taken him from founding the Revolutionary Communist Party to finding positive words for Orbán's Hungary, national sovereignty and patriotism in his latest work.
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Whose solidarity, whose egoism?
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How exactly did the Southern European states acquire such massive debts and what is the best way of resurrecting their economies? Should we opt for European solidarity and move closer together to protect our combined assets or is it time that a lesson was learnt about the consequences of overspending?
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