War or utopia

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On the 13th February, CCCB hosted Srećko Horvat for a discussion about Europe’s potential futures.

This event formed part of the Old Europe, New Utopias series of discussions, which you can find out more about below.

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About the discussion:

Europe is on the verge of a tectonic shift. Where does it go from here? Will its future resemble the horrors of its past or can a renewed utopian vision light the way forward? In this lecture, writer and political activist Srećko Horvat offers us a trip through Europe’s possible futures.

Only a year ago, most people believed that Brexit wouldn’t happen and that there was no chance that Donald Trump would become President of the United States. Today, this is our reality. What if we are are similarly in denial as regards the collapse of the European Union?

Seen together, the deepening euro crisis, the events surrounding migration to Europe, the rise of the extreme right, terrorist attacks throughout the continent and events such as the Italian referendum suggest that Europe is on the verge of a tectonic shift.

Join Croatian philosopher and activist Srećko Horvat as he offers a roller-coaster ride through Europe’s possible futures.


Srećko Horvat is a Croatian philosopher, author and political activist

Antonio Monegal is a professor of literary theory and comparative literature at Barcelona’s Pompeu Fabra University

The Barcelona debate 2017 – Old Europe, New Utopias:

This series looks at the idea of Europe as a fading force and asks where the continent’s new utopias are to be found, promoting other narratives, remembering other histories and decentralising a territory which has become unrecognisable.

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