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The Barcelona debate: old Europe, new utopias
150 150 Time To Talk
With a succession of crises and an ageing population, Europe can feel like it has seen better days. With this series CCCB looks for Europe's new utopias, asking what we can learn from our past achievements and how we can establish new ones moving forwards.
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Biometric information and data protection
150 150 Time To Talk
Depot ask just how far we can trust the state to look after our private information. In this debate on biometric information and data protection, they ask where our information ends up, who has access to it and what exactly may the state do with it once it has come into their hands?
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War or utopia
150 150 Time To Talk

On the 13th February, CCCB hosted Srećko Horvat for a discussion about Europe’s potential futures. This event formed part of the Old Europe, New Utopias series of discussions, which you can find out more about below. Discussion / Speakers / Recording / Series About the discussion: Europe is on the verge of a tectonic shift. Where does it go from here?…