Memory and countermemory for the future

A Memorial affiliate debate

What can memory mean for the future? Memorial host Marianne Hirsch for a discussion of the ways that institutions and individuals approach memory, looking at contemporary and historical practice and asking what changes in the approaches adopted could mean for society going forwards.
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The Barcelona debate: old Europe, new utopias

A CCCB affiliate series of talks

Towards a new Europe With a succession of crises and an ageing population, Europe can feel like it has seen better days. With this series CCCB looks for Europe's new utopias, asking what we can learn from our past achievements and how we can establish new ones moving forwards.
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The end of the democratic world

TTT debate transcripts

This is a transcript of the Kultura Liberalna seminar Byliśmy głupi [We were stupid], which featured Polish philosopher Marcin Król discussing the Round Table and other critical events of 1989 with the Kultura Liberalna employees Łukasz Pawłowski and Tomasz Sawczuk. To read the transcript or to proceed to its Polish-language original, click here.


The future of Beroun is also ours to decide upon

An Agora CE TTT debate

Local voices In the build-up to the Czech municipal elections, Agora CE and local students developed a debate to look at the aims of local political candidates, with a particular focus on how these aims would impact upon the future and thus younger members of the community.
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What does the future hold for us and for Russia?

A Sakharov Centre affiliate debate

Russian Futures And what about the future of Russia? Will public dissatisfaction with widespread corruption and the fallibility of key institutes suffice to bring about change or are reactionary mentalities so ingrained and distrust of modernity so prevalent that the near future will continue to mirror much of the country's recent past? The Sakharov Centre takes a closer look at the political dynamics determining sentiment in Russia today. Watch the video highlights!


European Democracy 3.0

A Coolpolitics TTT debate

The European Union European Democracy: what is it, how would we design it anew, what do the youth of today see as being the best ways forward for the European Union of the future? Coolpolitics holds a brainstorming session with local members of the generation who will be the next to put these ideas into action.
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War or utopia

On the 13th February, CCCB hosted Srećko Horvat for a discussion about Europe’s potential futures.

This event formed part of the Old Europe, New Utopias series of discussions, which you can find out more about below.

Discussion / Speakers / Recording / Series

About the discussion:

Europe is on the verge of a tectonic shift. Where does it go from here? Will its future resemble the horrors of its past or can a renewed utopian vision light the way forward? In this lecture, writer and political activist Srećko Horvat offers us a trip through Europe’s possible futures.

Only a year ago, most people believed that Brexit wouldn’t happen and that there was no chance that Donald Trump would become President of the United States. Today, this is our reality. What if we are are similarly in denial as regards the collapse of the European Union?