De Balie

House description Located in Amsterdam's former District Court, De Balie provides the city with a multifaceted cultural platform. Hosting lectures, debates, screenings, exhibitions, plays and performances, De Balie combines creativity and hard-hitting analysis in an unpredictable and constantly evolving form.
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Index on Censorship, London

House Description Founded in 1972, Index on Censorship is an international organisation and publication which works to combat censorship and campaigns worldwide for the preservation and establishment of freedom of expression.
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Rising pressure – media freedom across Europe

An Index on Censorship affiliate debate

What can be done to protect the free press? Index on Censorship launched the Mapping Media Freedom project with a discussion about the pressures journalists face throughout Europe. Focussing on increased political tensions, this discussion looks at the extent of the problems journalists are confronted with and asks what can be done to improve the situation.
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The Centre for Cultural Decontamination

House Description Belgrade's Centre for Cultural Decontamination looks to provide a space within which different, often underrepresented, groups can come togther. Promoting informal education, socio-political engagement, critical thinking and alternative and experimental cultural practices, the CZKD is an important contributor to Serbia's civil society.
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Times of resistance

A CZKd/CCFD affiliate debates forum

How to stop the regression of democracy? Belgrade's CZKd hosted an international meeting on the regression of democracy in Europe. With representatives of recent social movements and protests, this meeting looked at the methods, ideas, programmes, experiences, chances and obstacles in the fight to build a stronger front for democracy.
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House description Memorial is many things: a pressure group, a centre of research, a museum, a library, an archive and an international movement. Above all, Memorial is, however, the living memory of past wrongs; a lasting witness to repression, dictatorship and lives lived under constant pressure, both within and without the close confines of the gulags. Read more!


Memory and countermemory for the future

A Memorial affiliate debate

What can memory mean for the future? Memorial host Marianne Hirsch for a discussion of the ways that institutions and individuals approach memory, looking at contemporary and historical practice and asking what changes in the approaches adopted could mean for society going forwards.
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Krytyka Polityczna

House Description Political Critique was set up with the aim of reinvigorating the Polish tradition of engaged intelligentsia and works primarily in the fields of education, culture and science with the aim of combating economic and cultural exclusion. Active throughout Poland they are currently seen to be one of the most significant left wing formations within the country.
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Alien media in Poland

A Krytyka Polityczna affiliate debate

Getting themselves heard? This Poland for Beginner's debate takes a look at expatriate and minority media in Poland, asking how much of a voice diasporas and their media have in Polish society. Are they excluded from the official picture of the country or increasingly becoming part of the way it is understood at home and abroad.
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Visions of women’s liberation, 1917-1936

A Memorial affiliate debate

The Soviet woman With laws on domestic violence topping the Duma's to do list, Memorial host Wendy Goldman to look back at the history of women's liberation in 20th century Russia. How did early Soviet reformers envisage womanhood, how many of their ideals were they able to realise and what has the legacy of these reforms been?
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How Trump might save the EU

A De Balie affiliate debate

Our fate in his hands? Starting off with an unusual proposal, De Balie look at the fate of Europe in a blockbuster election year with Ivan Krastev and Luiza Bialasiewicz. How could the Trump effect save us from our own new right and where will the EU stand at the end of 2017?
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