Bruno Kreisky Forum

The Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue is a European think tank which acts as a centre for dialogue, where politicians, scientists and intellectuals from all over the world can get together to exchange their views and ideas, to analyse complex issues and problems, to work out approaches to global solutions and to take a public stand on political events.
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The Red House

House Description The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate is a multifunctional cultural and socio-political centre in Sofia. It is a space where artistic experiment, intellectual curiosity and civic engagement meet, a place that values open-mindedness, an avoidance of prejudice and tolerance in the face of otherness.
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Dissidents today – from anti-communism to anti-liberalism?

A Time to Talk discussion by The Red House

Is there a liberal imperative? Nikolay Mihaylov talks to The Red House about the boundaries of public discussion, looking at whether liberalism itself innately restricts our ability to discuss our concerns and the conditions we need to guarantee an environment within which democratic alternatives can be widely discussed.
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About TTT

Network description A brief description of what the Time to Talk network is about, including information on its projects both past and present, the network's development and its raison d'être.
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Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona

House Description The Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona draws attention to issues affecting contemporary societies, with a special focus on cities and public spaces. Carrying out research, hosting dance, music, film and literature festivals, the CCCB is keen to establish itself as a major space for European cultural dialogue. Read more!

Krytyka Polityczna

House Description Political Critique was set up with the aim of reinvigorating the Polish tradition of engaged intelligentsia and works primarily in the fields of education, culture and science with the aim of combating economic and cultural exclusion. Active throughout Poland they are currently seen to be one of the most significant left wing formations within the country.
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The Barcelona Centre for International Affairs

House Description CIDOB, Barcelona's Centre for International Affairs, is Spain's oldest international relations think tank. The centre brings together a dynamic team of analysts and researchers, specialising in Europe, Latin America, the Mediterranean, the former Soviet space and China and regularly publishing on the issues which these arenas throw up. Read more!


The virtues of dissent

A TTT Vienna Humanities Festival debate

Populism and positive change Philippe Narval speaks to Heide Schmidt about her journey from the FPÖ to the NEOS, about how to define populism and what we can and should do to counteract its more negative manifestations.
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20 & 27.11.2017

In the margins of Europe: Russia

A CCCB & CIDOB affiliate series of discussions

Fraternal differences or a world apart? CCCB and CIDOB take a look at Europe from its fringes. Starting with two discussions on Russia, this series encourages reflection on the European project, adopting the perspectives of its geographic and symbolic peripheries.
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House Description deBuren is a space where listening and speaking are both equally aspired to. From the heart of Brussels, deBuren offers a forum for discussing the art, culture, societies and politics of both the Low Countries and of Europe as a whole.
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Institute of Ideas

House Description The Institute of Ideas is a forum for intelligent and lively public debate of complex social issues: a new academy for ideas in the UK and internationally. It challenges orthodoxy and prejudice, not for the sake of it, but because people are more than capable of deciding things for themselves.
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