Project Forum

The civic association Project Forum [PF] was founded in Bratislava in February 2006. It is active in cultural affairs, and in particular in the commissioning, collecting and online publishing of essays. Another line of activity is the organisation of events. Both of these main thrusts are part of PF’s mission to create a forum for open dialogue about the most important questions concerning Europe and, specifically, the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Their activities surpass language barriers and thus enable intellectual exchange and influence throughout and within many different countries. PF’s goal is to influence intellectual discourse and improve its quality in societies where it is subdued. All of PF’s activities stem from the conviction that the fundamental problems facing a society such as ours – whether it is the internal unity of the European Union, a lack of transparency in public life, the threat of populist leaders, problems with the equality of means and opportunities or the issues of racism and xenophobia – cannot be solved without a shift in the thinking of society, and that a major prerequisite for such a shift is a thorough intellectual and cultural reflection upon and discussion of these problems. PF’s aim is to create a productive environment for such a discussion.

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