The new civility: are religious freedom and freedom of speech intertwined?

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All photographs courtesy of Steve Evans

The Big Bookend Festival and Index on Censorship:

This event took place within the framework of Leeds’ 4th Big Bookend Festival, which you can read more about here and whose programme for 2015 can be found here.

The debate itself was organised by Index on Censorship and stems from the spring edition of their magazine, which looks at how migrant stories are told and analyses the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. To read more about this edition click here, to find out more about Index per se, click here to visit their website.

The summer edition:

In the build up to the debate, Index on Censorship also released their summer edition looking at the state of academic freedoms around the world and "no-platforming" and "trigger-warnings" for potentially offensive themes. This issue looks at how academic debates are falling foul of such legislation and at how, in some countries, education is increasingly becoming expected to toe the official political line.

To find out more about the summer edition of the Index on Censorship magazine, which also features details of an interview with Alexander Litvinenko’s widow and explains why the Polish Catholic Church is so upset by Winnie the Pooh’s lack of gender, click here.

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