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The future of the media in Europe

Live from 17:OO CET Tuesday!

With Christophe Leclercq - Founder of EURACTIV
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Festival of Ideas on Europe - Sofia, 08-16/04/19

The Red House co-hosts the Sofia Festival of Ideas, looking at Europe and our conceptualisations of it in the run-up to the European Parliament elections in May. What has changed in the way we look at Europe and can we come up with new ideas to help restore confidence amidst ongoing turbulence?
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Battle of Ideas 2018 - London, 13-14/10/18

The Battle of Ideas returns for another year of provocative and challenging debate. With 100+ speakers, the Barbican Centre will play host to debates on a number of diverse themes, from #MeToo to Big Tech via drill music and Brexit. Come and join the debate.
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National identity and belonging: what does it mean to be a citizen? - London, 13/10/18

What does it mean to be the citizen of a nation state? This Battle of Ideas debate explores the questions raised by Brexit, migration, home-grown terrorists in Syria and the Windrush scandal, looking at what citizenship means in the globalised world of the 21st century.
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