Exit Europe?

On the 4th March 2016, European AlternativesTalk Real held a discussion on the United Kingdom’s upcoming referendum about continued membership of the European Union.

This discussion took place in English and you can find a full recording of the evening and related articles on this page.

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About the debate:

The UK referendum on EU membership, coming up on the 23rd June, will be a historic occasion, providing, as it does, the first opportunity for British citizens (and Irish and Commonwealth citizens living in the UK) to decide whether or not they wish to stay in the European Union mouse tilt 20.

It is, then, a European moment, and one which comes at a time when the very question of what the Union should and could be is being hotly contested across the continent. Should the EU simply be a single market or should it strive for social aims, for transnational democracy and peace?

In this episode, Talk Real discussed the wider context surrounding the British vote with:

– Ulrike Guérot Founder and Director of the European Democracy Lab and Lecturer at the European University Viadrina

– Federico Campagna Writer, Philosopher and Rights Manager at Verso Books

– Niccoló Milanese – Co-President of European Alternatives

– Marina Prentoulis Senior Lecturer of media and politics at UEA, Member of Syriza London and Spokesperson for Another Europe Is Possible

– and James Schneider – Leading Organiser of Momentum and ex-Editor in Chief of Think Africa Press

About European Alternatives:

European Alternatives is a transnational civil society organisation and citizen’s movement, promoting democracy, equality, and culture beyond the nation state.

They act in the belief that the most urgent political, cultural and social challenges of our time can no longer be understood or dealt with at the national level and that, at the same time, existing forms of technocratic global and European governance are neither democratic, just, nor fair. Thus, they state that new forms of transnational collectivity must be fostered to give citizens democratic control over their future.

They believe that the emergence of real democracy in Europe is not only about institutions, but also, and especially, about constructing effective transnational practices of participation, solidarity and cultural invention. And, they assert that the current inability of citizens and civil society to co-ordinate action across national borders leaves space for non-democratic forces to dictate our politics.

They stand for the principle of solidarity and see in both current political institutions and dominant economic models the causes of rampant inequality. In contrast to existing institutions, they seek the imaginative resources required to create new forms of transnational communities in culture and the arts.

You can find out more about European Alternatives on their own website: https://euroalter.com/

If you are already convinced by what you have seen and heard here, then you can head straight to their action page, where you can find out how to get involved yourself: http://action.euroalter.com/

About Talk Real:

Talk Real is the European Alternatives’ new internet-based talk show. Recordings for Talk Real are realised in co-operation with Piroetta productions and a wide network of activists and provide the platform for in depth discussion of radical perspectives. The show is directed by Berardo Carboni, a cinema director and one of the early occupiers of the Teatro Valle Occupato, and seeks to create an opening to a world, transformed by the tensions and energies that run through our societies. Talk Real is currently looking to build a wide alternative media network to participate in and to disseminate its programmes current participants include openDemocracy, the Italian daily, Il Manifesto, theonline activist magazine, ROAR, and the spotlight on eastern European activism, LeftEast.

You can view all of Talk Real’s broadcasts on their YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ9vnyjjj0cJ7Ij7cXVkdpw

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