Aktionstage: refugees – migration – democracy

From the 29th November to the 2nd December 2016, a series of discussions, debates and workshops around the theme of democracy and migration took place in Vienna.

Recordings of a selection of English-language discussions from the Aktionstage have been uploaded and can now be found on this page.

The Aktionstage were a joint initiative of a number of organisations and you can also find out more about these organisations at the bottom of this page.

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About the Aktionstage:

While Europe’s states have been unable to create humane conditions for those who have fled war zones in the Near East in recent years, the dedication of Europe’s civil society has proven that solidarity is alive and well and that the vision of a democratic Europe is not going to be abandoned any time soon. Community action – whether in smaller communities or in larger cities – is becoming a guiding principle for many. As a result, civil society actions and organizations have been able to strongly influence European democracies, changing and reshaping them.

What kind of potential do these civil society actions hold for the advancement of European democracies in connection with the most recent influx of refugees? What can be learned from historical experience of conflict in Yugoslavia and practices in contemporary Sweden? How is the refugee movement changing European democracies and what can be learned from the civil society activities which have been emerging throughout the last year?

The Aktionstage were dedicated to exploring these questions from a theoretical and practical perspective and sought to understand the current situation through historical and geographical comparisons.


Recordings of the public debates on the 29/11 and the 1/12 and all of the panel discussions on the 30/11 can be heard here. An OKTO.tv video of the Constructing the “refugee crisis”.The role of media panel debate from 1/12 can also be found above.


Organisations and sponsors:

Eine Veranstaltung von / an event by
Initiative MinderheitenCentre for Advanced Studies South Eastern Europe (CAS SEE)ERSTE Stiftung,
Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (IWM)asylkoordination österreicharge region kulturGBW MinderheitenInterkulturelles Zentrum (IZ)Karl-Renner-­Institut

In Kooperation mit / in cooperation with
ÖBB-­HoldingAkademie der bildenden Künste WienStadtkino im KünstlerhausREMESO (Institute for Migration, Ethnicity and Society, Linköping University)oiip (Austrian Institute for International Affairs)IDM (Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe)Donau-­Universität Krems

Unterstützt von / supported by 
MA 17 – Stadt WienEurope for Citizens Programme of the European Union

Medienpartner_innen / media partner 
Okto-TV & Orange 94,0