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Mind the gap: illiberal democracy and the crisis of representation
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Representatives of cultural journals from across Europe look at illiberalism and the failure of institutional politics, discussing populism, the role of the liberal media, media pluralism, cultural journalism & the relationship between the internet and democracy.
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Power & Powerlessness, Vienna Humanities Festival 2018
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The Vienna Humanities Festival returns to look at the dynamics of power and powerlessness in 39 discussions with renowned speakers, five screenings of related classic & contemporary films and a performance of Vyrypaev's The Iran Conference.
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Aktionstage: refugees – migration – democracy
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The influx of newcomers to Europe's shores overwhelmed many states and threw our politics into disarray, but, where states failed, civil society often stepped into the breach. How can we learn from the actions of the past year and historical examples to ensure that civil action strengthens our democracies going forwards?
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