Agora CE


House Description Founded in 1998, Agora CE is a Czech non-profit organisation which aims to enhance communication between local governments, central government bodies and their citizenry. Its primary mission is to support and strengthen democratic processes within Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.
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Quo vadis, Czech education?

An Agora CE TTT debate

Progress? How does the Czech education system look twenty five years after the collapse of the Soviet Union? Agora CE invites specialists to look at the pros and cons of the national system, asking questions about the current direction, alternatives and appeal; do students, both abroad and at home, have faith in the Czech system and what can be done to improve it?
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Teenage maternity

An Agora CE TTT debate

What to do? What happens to young mums in the Czech Republic, how many of them actually are there and what support do they receive? Agora CE and students of Gymnázium Na Vítězné look at the challenges facing girls who become pregnant.
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The future of Beroun is also ours to decide upon

An Agora CE TTT debate

Local voices In the build-up to the Czech municipal elections, Agora CE and local students developed a debate to look at the aims of local political candidates, with a particular focus on how these aims would impact upon the future and thus younger members of the community.
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Free speech: should there be limits?

An Agora CE and Institute of Ideas debate
Free Speech logo

Freedom of speech Theoretically democratic institutions defend our right to free expression, yet there are an increasing amount of clausal restrictions on what we can say. How freely can we express ourselves nowadays, are the restrictions that are in place well founded and who should determine what we are allowed to say in public?
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How many more times will the big parties lose an election?

An Agora CE TTT debate
Czech Democracy Debate

Elections Agora question the inactivity of the big democratic parties in the Czech Republic which has lead to a surge in support for the Communist party in recent elections. They ask if it is time to reform the electoral system and if the best way of ensuring that this occurs is through encouraging a growth in civic participation.
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The future of the welfare state

An Agora CE TTT debate
Welfare Debate, Prague

Social services In a time of financial instability and ageing populations what is the way forward for the welfare states we have gotten used to. Do we need to cut them down or can they be retained through intelligent restructuring. If we do have to cut them back, what impact will this have on our societies?
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