Teenage maternity

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At 19:00 on Wednesday the 22nd October 2014, Agora CE hosted a student debate on teenage maternity.

About the debate:

In this debate, organised by local students in co-operation with Agora CE, the speakers looked at the topic of teenage maternity, asking when is the right time to get pregnant and looking at parallel issues, such as abortion and the trend towards caesareans.

The young female students, who selected the debate topic wanted to consider several aspects of teenage pregnancy, looking at women within the Czech Republic who have children at a younger age.

While looking at examples of young mothers and considering their circumstances, this debate also looked at broader issues related to pregnancy as a whole, with questions being raised on topics such as, should fathers have a right to speak out in the case of abortion and is it indeed better to wait till one is settled, before opting to have children. The debate also strayed into neighbouring territory, looking at the Catholic church and its influence upon matters surrounding motherhood and abortion, particularly in the case of Poland.


The panel of speakers was made up of representatives of NGOs specialising in matters of youth parenting, teachers and representatives of the Czech government bodies responsible for matters of social welfare.

Debate location: