Krytyka Polityczna & friends: the Central Eastern Europe Meeting, 2015

From Thursday the 27th to Sunday the 30th August 2015, the Krytyka Polityczna and friends meeting of Central and Eastern European activists took place in the dual Polish/Czech city of Cieszyn/Těšín.

On this page you can read about the meeting, listen to a recording of Michał Sutowski‘s lecture on current levels of solidarity in Europe, view a selection of video interviews with the meeting’s participants, scan through the meeting’s programme and access an article talking about the work of Krytyka’s cultural centre in Cieszyn.

The meeting / Solidarity lecture / Interviews / Programme / Krytyka in Cieszyn


About the meeting:

In August, 130 activists from 18 different countries met in Krytyka Polityczna’s Na Granicy cultural centre in Cieszyn. Here they discussed a number of themes central to their work and the possibilities for deepening current co-operations going forward. On the agenda were the changing political scene in central eastern Europe, ways to oppose new authoritarian regimes, community building in practice, issues surrounding immigration and the protection and promotion of reproductive rights.

Michał Sutowski’s lecture on current levels of solidarity in Europe:

(In the following recording, Sławomir Sierakowski introduces Michał Sutowski, with the actual lecture starting at 02:25)


Group discussions:

The political situation in Poland and what it means for Krytyka Polityczna 

   activists going forward.

New actors on the European political scene

Opposing non-traditional authoritarian regimes/how to remain active in  

   undemocratic circumstances

Female reproductive rights in Eastern Europe

Levels of solidarity in Europe

  (starting with a lecture on the same topic by Krytyka Polityczna activist,  

  translator, political scientist, journalist and co-ordinator Michał Sutowski)

Journalism: its role, purpose and opportunities

Community building in practice

Precariat of the world, unite!


Future co-operation

To get a better idea of the topics discussed, you can view the weekend’s programme here on Issuu.

To find out more about Cieszyn itself and the work of Krytyka Polityczna’s cultural centre there, read an interview with members of said centre, in which they discuss the work that they carry out in the town and the specifics of the locality.

Video interviews with a selection of the meeting’s participants (in English with Polish subtitles):

David Marcus, an editor of the US magazine Dissent, is asked to discuss what the US presidential candidates are focusing on in their campaigns

Claudia Bernardi, from the Italian activist organisation EscAtelier, talks about the political significance of the European migrant crisis

Hector Huerga, from the Spanish activist group 15M Barcelona International, talks about the state of Spanish democracy

Polish speakers can also directly access two further videos on Krytyka Polityczna’s YouTube portal. For an interview with Agata Diduszko-Zyglewska entitled Czas na prokobiece prawo aborcyjne w Polsce!, click here. For an interview with Jakub Dymek entitled Czy Grecja przetrwa kryzys?, click here.