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Work for all? On the future role of the state
150 150 Time To Talk
Kultura Liberalna host a discussion looking at the future of the state. In a time in which states are increasingly looking weak, yet simultaneously are becoming expected to do more and more, the guests look at Western examples - both good and bad - and ask what is possible for the Polish state and how it can be realistically reformed to meet the challenges of the future.
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Coercion, prestige or privilege? On the social significance of work in contemporary capitalism
150 99 Time To Talk
We hear a lot about work-life balance, but what about a work-work balance? How come many people are now working more and more hours, while so many others remain unemployed? It's time to talk about work: its distribution and its qualification. Join Krytyka on the 22nd September for a debate about the social significance of employment.
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