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European Democracy 3.0
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European Democracy: what is it, how would we design it anew, what do the youth of today see as being the best ways forward for the European Union of the future? Coolpolitics holds a brainstorming session with local members of the generation who will be the next to put these ideas into action.
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Is there a culture war on populism?
Live stream – Saturday – 10:00 GMT!
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Join Frank Furedi (Sociologist, Social Commentator & Author), David Goodhart (Journalist, Author & Head of Demography at Policy Exchange) and Elif Shafak (Political Commentator & award-winning Novelist) for a debate on what populism is and why some populisms are more equal than others. Should we understand the rise of populism as a challenge to our elites’ top-down values or a…

Angela Davis – Revolution today
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Angela Davis is a political activist and professor emeritus of philosophy. Known for her work for human rights and her opposition to racial discrimination, this lecture saw her discuss the meaning of revolution in our times. This discussion forms part of the CCCB’s Revolution or resistance? discussion series. Click here to find out more about the CCCB & other discussions…

Arundhati Roy – Idea, word and action
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In Revolution or resistance? Idea, word and action, the internationally acclaimed writer and activist, Arundhati Roy, discussed her work on anti-capitalism and Kashmir and the recent publication of her new novel, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness. English-language video highlights of this debate are being produced and will appear on in the near future. To find out when this and…