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Who are “the establishment”?
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This Battle of Ideas debate looks at the idea of the establishment, asking whether we can still talk about an establishment today and, if we can, what does it look like and who is part of it - who exercises real power today and how?
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The CEF 2015 – Everyone is lying
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The seventh installment of the Central European Forum looked at disinformation and the way that its seeming infiltration of reporting is affecting the way we perceive the world around us. A weekend looking at propaganda, memory, media manipulation, Russia and the West.
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Beyond the public sphere, towards the commons
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Italian revolutionary philosopher Antonio Negri speaks in Warsaw on social models and the commons, critiquing the current state of affairs and proposing his own models for empowering the multitudes and overcoming the power of capital.
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(Dis)trusting one another. The various faces of the other in contemporary Europe.
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Kultura Liberalna tackles the problem of a re-emergent European right, looking at the status of multiculturalism in Europe and asking what steps we need to take to emerge from the fear of the other, which seems to presently be retaking much of the continent. Has multiculturalism failed and what is the future of migration in Europe?
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I hate politics! On people’s cynicism and the dissolution of trust
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On September 18th, Kultura Liberalna looked at that most important of societal bonds - trust. What has been the communal impact of the economic crises on our interpersonal relationships and how much faith is still left in those responsible for running our societies?
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