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Does anti-European rhetoric offer alternatives to European democracy?
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Post-Brexit Europe continues to find itself threatened by a return to nationalist sentiment. This debate looks at anti-European rhetoric and asks both how it can be countered and whether it in fact offers any alternatives to European democracy.
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An end to the old order? Scenarios for the end of union
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In times of change, what is the future of political cooperation in Europe? Kultura Liberalna ask whether the European Union can continue to consolidate or whether it will instead disintegrate - do we need more, less or a different Europe?
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How many more times will the big parties lose an election?
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Agora question the inactivity of the big democratic parties in the Czech Republic which has lead to a surge in support for the Communist party in recent elections. They ask if it is time to reform the electoral system and if the best way of ensuring that this occurs is through encouraging a growth in civic participation.
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The political exclusion of the Roma: from Katunitsa to Paris
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What has been the aftermath of Katunitsa and are we likely to see a repeat of the anti-Roma riots and right wing propaganda, which we saw in the 2011 elections, again in 2013? Will these racial outbursts be properly challenged by the responsible authorities and how can reintegrate the Roma into the political process?
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