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Total democracy and the parademocratic system
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What is a parademocratic system and what are the merits of opening up larger numbers of everyday institutions to democratic governance? This Einstein Forum debate takes a closer look, asking what are the advantages and disadvantages of total democracy.
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Brexit: a victory for democracy or fact-free politics?
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Populism, post-factual politics or taking back control? de Buren and the Institute of Ideas look at the conduct and the conclusion of the Brexit referendum in this Battle of Ideas satellite debate, asking whether the British people have got what they want or been sold down the river and what it all means for the future of democracy.
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European Democracy 3.0
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European Democracy: what is it, how would we design it anew, what do the youth of today see as being the best ways forward for the European Union of the future? Coolpolitics holds a brainstorming session with local members of the generation who will be the next to put these ideas into action.
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