Sunday 15.11

150 150 Time To Talk

Salon of the independents

On autonomous thinking, critique of capitalism and the Kremlin’s arguments.

Introduction: Jurko Prochasko

Speakers: Tony Curzon Price and Sławomir Sierakowski 

Moderator: Thierry Chervel


Welcome to Europe!

In the countries that used to constitute the Eastern bloc, politicians right across the political spectrum oppose migration. They base their arguments on concerns about the influx of different cultures, yet does co-habitation with people with different ways of life, for example with Muslim communities, actually entail any real dangers for the inhabitants of Eastern Europe?

Speakers: Shams Asadi, Gilles KepelIvan Krastev, Olumine Popoola and Michal Hvorecký

Moderator: Chris Keulemans


Visegrád under fire

What has happened to the Europe of the Visegrád Four?

Speakers: Adam Michnik, Martin C. Putna, Martin M. Šimečka and Gaspar Miklós Tamás

Moderator: Jana Starek


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