CEF 2014 – Saturday 15th November

150 150 Time To Talk

A divided Europe

What does the Ukrainian conflict mean for Central Europe? What can be considered to be ethical and meaningful stances vis-à-vis Russia? Which historical lessons are relevant to the present crisis? Should we look for guidance in the events of 1938 – aggression won’t stop of its own accord unless we take a stand – do we need to go further back to 1914 – if we allow war to flare up, will it stop of its own accord? – or do we need to find a new paradigm, relevant to our own era? Lastly, what damage have recent developments inflicted upon the idea of Visegrád and, more generally, that of Central Europe?

Speakers: Vasyl Cherepanyn (Ukraine) – Sir Robert Cooper (UK) – Ivan Gabal (Czech Republic) – Ivan Krastev (Bulgaria) – Ingo Schulze (Germany) – Biljana Srbljanović (Serbia).

Chair: Aleksander Kaczorowski (Poland).

The shrinking public space

We seem to be living in an era, in which the concept of privacy is disappearing and our public spaces are rapidly shrinking. How has this been able to come about and what does it mean for us?

Speakers: Václav Bělohradský (Czech Republic) – Gilles Lipovetsky (France).

Chair: Michal Havran (Slovakia).