Rising pressure – media freedom across Europe

At 19:00 GMT on Wednesday 21st June 2017, Index on Censorship launched their Mapping Media Freedom project with a discussion of press freedoms in Europe.

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Photo journalist Jacob Khrist being arrested by French police while reporting on a Femen protest on the outskirts of Lens. Photo credits: Marianne Rigaux



The Index on Censorship-led Mapping Media Freedom project identifies threats, violations and limitations faced by members of the press throughout Europe. On the project’s website, an interactive map tracks live incidents and shows how many journalists and media workers are made to face relentless pressure simply for doing their jobs.

On the occasion of Mapping Media Freedom‘s launch, Rising pressure – media freedom across Europe brought together leading voices from within the British and European media for a discussion of the current situation. Exploring rising concerns about media freedom across Europe, the evening’s speakers provided a portrayal of the extent of the problem and asked what can be done to ensure the protection of an independent press within our increasingly fraught political landscapes.

To find out more, listen to the full recording of the evening‘s discussion at the top of this page.


David Aaronovitch is a journalist, broadcaster, author and recipient of the George Orwell Prize for political journalism.

Ola Larsmo is an award-winning Swedish author and journalist, who has written and debated extensively on press freedom, the internet and democracy. 

Francesca Unsworth is the director of the BBC World Service Group and the deputy director of BBC News and Current Affairs. 


Jodie Ginsberg – Chief Executive of Index on Censorship

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This evening took place at the Swedish Ambassador’s Residence in London and was organised by Index on Censorship.