Futures: poetry of the Greek crisis

At 18:45 GMT on Friday the 13th November 2015, Free Word and Penned in the Margins presented an evening showcasing poetry of the Greek crisis.

This evening took place in the Free Word Lecture Theatre at 60 Farringdon Rd, Clerkenwell, London. All poems were in English translation and a full length recording of the evening can be found below.

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About the evening:

From the Grexit to the Troika, the ongoing crisis in Greece has spawned a whole new vocabulary and has dominated newspaper headlines for over five years. Now, a powerful and timely anthology offers a poetic reply to the social and economic disaster which still threatens to overturn the whole European project.

Times of protest and political upheaval have always inspired poets and artists and, beyond the headlines, elections and debt agreements, a powerful Greek literary movement has been stirring. Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis introduces a new generation of writers inspired to highlight the plight of a country in a near continual state of emergency.

And, on the 13th November, the anthology’s editor, Theodoros Chiotis and The Nation‘s Maria Margaronis came together for an evening of readings and discussion, taking a closer look at the themes, the protagonists and the poetry behind Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis.  

For readers unable to be in London on the 13th November, a full recording of the evening has been made available below.


Theodoros Chiotis – editor, poet, doctoral student, literarian and project manager, University of Oxford and the Cavafy Archive.

Maria Margaronis – contributing editor, The Nation

Full length recording:


About the co-organiser, Penned in the Margins:

Penned in the Margins creates publications and performances for people who are not afraid to take risks. They believe in the power of language to challenge how we think, to test new ideas and to explore alternative stories. They operate across the arts, collaborating with writers, artists and creative partners using new platforms and technologies. Their award-winning publications include Adventures in Form, Mount London: Ascents in the Vertical City and poetry collections by Siddhartha Bose, Melissa Lee-Houghton, Claire Trévien and Luke Wright. Their first novel, Midland by Honor Gavin, was shortlisted for the 2015 Gordon Burn Prize.

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