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Étienne Balibar: for another Europe!
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With European parliamentary elections due in two months, De Balie discuss the Dutch release of Étienne Balibar's collected thinking on the need for a federalised European state. Join Étienne Balibar, Laurens Jan Brinkhorst & Judith Sargentini as they debate possible European futures.
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Europe: from hope to disaffection. A Mediterranean view
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In a day of seminars, the CCCB & the British Academy look at the shift in perceptions of the EU from the perspective of Southern Europe, tracing how the European project has gone from being greeted as a positive development to having increasingly negative associations.
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The Forum on European Culture: Act for Democracy!
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The Forum on European Culture returns to look at the role artists and thinkers have played, play and can play in Europe. What role can the arts play in helping the frame the future of Europe at this crucial juncture and how should we all act for democracy?
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Futures: poetry of the Greek crisis
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Free Word and Penned in the Margins show us the Greek crisis from another perspective, introducing us to the voices of a new generation of Greek poets, whose talents have developed and been inspired by the turbulent events around them.
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