Are we all going to become German?

On Wednesday the 28th November 2012, Krytyka Polityczna presented Are we all going to become German? in Warsaw.

Is the possibility of German dominance in the EU a threat, what values do they represent, could they be a salvation to some, if so, whom? Is the negativity we keep hearing about Germany just scaremongering or is there something to the complaints? Does Germany actually want to dominate Europe or has the country simply been confronted with a a no-way-out situation and subsequently been forced to become the reluctant saviour of our budgets and our fiscal discipline?



Magdalena Błędowska (Political Critique)


Piotr Buras (journalist)

Karolina Wigura (liberal intellectual, sociologist)

Marek Cichocki (conservative philosopher)

Wolfgang Templin (F. Boell Stiftung)