Stories of each other: do we care?

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This page featured a live stream of the Free Word evening entitled Stories of each other: do we care?.

This event saw Free Word host writers, poets, migrants and refugees look at where creativity, migration and flight intertwine. With readings, discussion and performance, the evening looked to provide a clearer picture of why people leave their homes and what it is like both to reach where you’re going to and to find your feet once there.

This event ended with an English-language discussion, which featured a panel of Polish, Eritrean and English speakers. The Polish and Eritrean authors on the panel considered how their backgrounds influence their work, while local refugee worker Rita Chadha took a closer look at the realities of migrants and refugees in London.

To find out more about Stories of each other: do we care? and its speakers as well as to access video highlights of the evening, visit our event page by clicking here. You can also stay on this page and watch the full recording of the debate and the readings which preceded it.