Ulrike Ackermann

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Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ackermann is a German author and professor of political science, based in Heidelberg. Her research has primarily focused on freedom, a leitmotif of her intellectual career. She has studied social sciences, political science, German language and literature as well as psychology and since 2008 has taught political science at the SRH University Heidelberg, chairing the John Stuart Mills Institute for the Research of Freedom that she founded. In the 1970s Ulrike Ackermann was a frequent visitor to Czechoslovakia and a supporter of Charter 77, the Polish KOR and Solidarity and other civic initiatives that sprung up in Central and Eastern Europe at that time. In 2002 she initiated European Forum, a conference at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences; she has chaired discussions on several German public radio and TV stations and is a regular contributor to the monthly Merkur as well as various German dailies. Her books include Freiheit in der Krise. Der Wert der wirtschaftlichen, politischen und individuellen Freiheit (Freedom in Crisis. The Value of Economic, Political and Individual Freedom); Eros der Freiheit. Plädoyer für eine radikale Aufklärung (The Eros of Freedom. In Defence of Radical Enlightenment) and Welche Freiheit. Plädoyer für eine offene Gesellschaft (What Freedom. In Defence of Open Society).

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