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At 18:45 GMT on Monday the 12th September 2016, Asia House hosted the Index on Censorship magazine editor Rachael Jolley and the author Kaya Genç in a London-based discussion about the dividing lines in Turkish society.

This event has now taken place, but a full audio recording of the evening can be found further down this page. 

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About the discussion:

What can be made of recent events in Turkey, where a coup attempt was stopped by people on the streets? In order to find out, Asia House was pleased to welcome acclaimed writer Kaya Genç, who currently lives in Istanbul and has been covering events in his country for the past decade. During the course of the evening, Genç talked to Rachael Jolley, editor of the Index on Censorship magazine, about his forthcoming book Under the Shadow: Rage and Revolution in Modern Turkey.

As research for both this book and his other writing, Genç has met activists from both sides of Turkey’s political divide: supporters of Erdoğan’s conservative vision and Gezi Park protestors who fought against Istanbul’s gentrification. He has spoken with people of diverse backgrounds and occupations, including artists, writers, politicians, professionals, business leaders and many more. And, in conversation with Rachael Jolley his experiences helped guide the audience through a country deeply divided along historical, social and geographical lines.

While this event has now taken place, you can continue to enjoy the evening via a full audio recording of the discussion below.


Kaya Genç is a Turkish novelist and essayist whose forthcoming book, Under the Shadow, aims to get to the heart of his country‘s underlying conflicts.

Rachael Jolley is the editor of the Index on Censorship magazine

Audio recording:

Asia House and the Index on Censorship magazine:

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Index on Censorship magazine

In the summer, Index on Censorship launched a milestone 250th edition of its magazine. This edition focused on the increasing threats to journalists carrying out their work and includes the special report, Truth in Danger, Danger in Truth: Journalists under Fire and under Pressure.

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