Thierry Vissol

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Thierry Vissol is a special advisor on media and communications at the Italian representation of the European Commission. An economist and historian, he worked as a university professor in France, Belgium and the United States before joining the European Commission, for whom he founded the radio studio Studio Europa, where he continues to host the programme Un libro per l’Europa [A Book for Europe]. Thierry has also published many books and essays and amongt his most recent works are É tutta colpa dell’Europa [And, it’s all Europe’s Fault] and Toby, dalla pace alla guerra [Toby, from Peace to War] (both published by Donzelli in 2014) and, together with Dino Aloi, Libertà di espressione in Europa [Freedom of Expression in Europe] (il Pennino, 2015).

Information valid as of autumn 2015.