Teun Gautier

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Teun Gautier is the director and publisher of De Groene Amsterdammer. After undertaking HBO Management training in the field of communication skills, he went to the U.S.A. for an internship with the publishing house, Reed. When he moved back to the Netherlands he soon became the director of Reed Exhibitions, later Reed Belgium.

At the age of 29, he moved into a management position at Reed Elsevier. This was a rapid promotion in a lucrative career field, which he, however, left disillusioned at the age of 31. He later explained this move by saying, “For public companies, money is what measures everything. In a media company this corrupts the intrinsic entrepreneurial motivation in a way that I really did not want to be part of”. He therefore started a number of ventures including PM Hague, a political journal. He has also been commissioned for a large number of assignments by, amongst others, the Telegraaf Media Group and Weekbladpers.

Alongside a management position at the Concertgebouw [The Royal Concert House, Amsterdam], he was chairman of D66 in Amsterdam. In 2009, he he joined De Groene Amsterdammer [The Green Amsterdamer]. Together with editor Xandra Schutte he transformed De Groene into a fast growing and leading publisher. In 2012, he then started up Dagvan100, an initiative to revitalise political discourse. He is married and has three young sons.

Information valid as of Easter 2013.