Tatiana Zhurzhenko

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Tatiana Zhurzhenko is a political scientist at the University of Vienna and a research director at the Institute for Human Sciences [IWM], Vienna. Tatiana is also one of the editors of the Eurozine focal point Russia in Global Dialogue and directs the IWM’s Ukraine in European Dialogue research programme. In 2015, she co-curated the School of Abducted Europe as part of the School of Kyiv – Kyiv Biennial 2015 and her latest book, Borderlands into Bordered Lands: Geopolitics of Identity in Post-Soviet Ukraine (ibidem-Verlag), was released in 2010. She has taught courses on post-Soviet transformation, gender and feminism and memory politics at the University of Vienna since 2005 and her research focuses on post-Soviet borders and borderland identities, on memory politics in Eastern Europe and on gender politics and feminism in Ukraine.

Information valid as of autumn 2015.