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Hungary in the EU
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This De Balie debate with the Hungarian minister of justice, Judit Varga, looks at the EU's critique of Orbán's government on the rule of law. With an Article 7 process against Hungary on the cards, can EU & Hungarian perspectives be reconciled?
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Francis Fukuyama: against identity politics
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De Balie welcome the renowned American political scientist, Francis Fukuyama, to a discussion with Yoeri Albrecht about Fukayama's new book on identity politics and his proposals for their acknowledgement and incorporation into our models of liberal democracy.
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Understanding the populist turn: a conversation with Frank Furedi
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De Balie Director, Yoeri Albrecht talks to Frank Furedi on populism, looking to trace the trajectory that has taken him from founding the Revolutionary Communist Party to finding positive words for Orbán's Hungary, national sovereignty and patriotism in his latest work.
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How Trump might save the EU
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Starting off with an unusual proposal, De Balie look at the fate of Europe in a blockbuster election year with Ivan Krastev and Luiza Bialasiewicz. How could the Trump effect save us from our own new right and where will the EU stand at the end of 2017?
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Europe: too big to fail?
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As the Greek and migrant questions have led to discord, borders have closed and European leaders have, at times, appeared unable to come to a common accord, leading some to talk of the European Union's impedending collapse. De Balie ask Ivan Krastev and Paul Scheffer how much substance this talk has and where the EU should go from here.
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