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Vienna Humanities Festival 2022: The Age of Uncertainty
326 326 Time To Talk
How are the war in Ukraine, rising inflation and the impact of two years living under a pandemic changing life in Europe? This fifth edition of the Vienna Humanities Festival discusses the uncertainty of life in modern day Europe during four days of discussion & debate.
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Social networks or social nightmares?
150 150 Time To Talk
Are social networks a force for good, a tool that enables exchange and the coming together of people across the world or do they pose one of the most serious threats we have seen to our societies and democratic values?
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Power & Powerlessness, Vienna Humanities Festival 2018
326 326 Time To Talk
The Vienna Humanities Festival returns to look at the dynamics of power and powerlessness in 39 discussions with renowned speakers, five screenings of related classic & contemporary films and a performance of Vyrypaev's The Iran Conference.
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The virtues of dissent
326 326 Time To Talk
Philippe Narval speaks to Heide Schmidt about her journey from the FPÖ to the NEOS, about how to define populism and what we can and should do to counteract its more negative manifestations.
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VHF Readathon 2016
326 326 Time To Talk
Vienna Humanities Festival 2016 featured a readathon which saw ten authors from Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe read out excerpts of texts of their choosing, reflecting upon personal experiences of migration.
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Vienna Humanities Festival 2016
326 326 Time To Talk
September 2016 sees Vienna's first ever Vienna Humanities Festival. Under this year's motto, andernorts/out of place, the festival will feature around 40 discussions, readings and talks on the movement of ideas, objects and people, seeking to provide clarity on the constant flow of the modern world around us.
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