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Complicity: why and when we chose to censor ourselves
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Index asks when we choose to self-censor, talking to journalists and academics about both the theoretical background and concrete cases where people have been complicit in sacrificing their rights to privacy, free spreech or a free press.
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Reading Orwell today: on freedom & the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear
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Books such as Animal Farm and 1984 are known worldwide, but what is George Orwell's relevance today, how prescient were his predictions, how do his writings inform us about our own situations and what impact has his work had posthumously?
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Trust and new technology
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With online media increasingly playing a role in both our professional and social lives, Free Word invited a young audience to take a look at the role which surveillance has to play in our online interactions. What do young Brits think about state surveillance, privacy and the choices we all make about sharing our personal data online?
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