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Law and Justice’s welfare state – Poland for Beginners
326 326 Time To Talk
Kickstarting the new Poland for Beginner's discussion series, Law and Justice's welfare state looks at the Polish government's social policy and asks how what their policies actually have to offer. Are they really catering to the folk or are their policies just the social icing on the ballot box cake?
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25 years after 1989: what has happened to the idea of social equality?
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The Red House kicks off its cycle of debates looking back at 25 years of post-communism with a debate on social equality. Comparing the situations in Poland and Bulgaria, this debate asks, whether the present situation was inevitable and looks at the way forward - how can Bulgaria ensure social equality for the next generation?
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Europe after Brexit
150 150 Time To Talk
This session looks at the state of the EU, assessing its current circumstances and its imperative going forwards. Join Torreblanca as he analyses how the return of politics has taken European institutions by surprise and discusses the historical, geographical and demographic factors coming back with a vengeance.
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The future of Europe’s economy
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This third Festival of Ideas on Europe session focuses on the economy. European Alternatives President Niccolò Milanese contemplates possibilities for democratising European economies, before a panel discusses the pros and cons of de/regulation and workers’ rights.
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