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Prawo i Sprawiedliwość

Cynics or saints? The representational politics of disability
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Kultura Liberalna take a look at the recent disability protests in the Sejm, asking what needs to be done to help disabled people in Polish society and how we can avoid serious topics being reduced to vessels for political ambition and insincere promises.
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Illiberal democracy: the future of freedom
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While many refugees fled to Europe in 2015, seeking sanctuary within its liberal democracies, many of these same democracies today find themselves in decline, with one of their head's openly speaking of his desire to create an "illiberal state". How has this situation come about, what can we do about it and what does Europe stand for nowadays?
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Europe: too big to fail?
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As the Greek and migrant questions have led to discord, borders have closed and European leaders have, at times, appeared unable to come to a common accord, leading some to talk of the European Union's impedending collapse. De Balie ask Ivan Krastev and Paul Scheffer how much substance this talk has and where the EU should go from here.
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