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Jarosław Kaczyński

Is liberalism dead?
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In the run-up to the Italian and Hungarian elections, De Balie turn their attention to the rise of illiberalism, inviting Jan Zielonka to discuss the findings of his new book and asking him, Frits Bolkestein, Matthijs Lok and Luiza Bialasiewicz whether liberalism is dead?
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An end to the old order? Scenarios for the end of union
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In times of change, what is the future of political cooperation in Europe? Kultura Liberalna ask whether the European Union can continue to consolidate or whether it will instead disintegrate - do we need more, less or a different Europe?
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Illiberal democracy: the future of freedom
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While many refugees fled to Europe in 2015, seeking sanctuary within its liberal democracies, many of these same democracies today find themselves in decline, with one of their head's openly speaking of his desire to create an "illiberal state". How has this situation come about, what can we do about it and what does Europe stand for nowadays?
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The end of the democratic world
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This is a transcript of the Kultura Liberalna seminar Byliśmy głupi [We were stupid], which featured Polish philosopher Marcin Król discussing the Round Table and other critical events of 1989 with the Kultura Liberalna employees Łukasz Pawłowski and Tomasz Sawczuk.
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