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Moral responses to the pandemic, with Susan Neiman & Frank Furedi
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In this Academy of Ideas and Freiblickinstitut debate, Frank Furedi and Susan Neiman take a look at the moral dilemmas emerging from the coronavirus pandemic, discussing its consequences for liberty, democracy and solidarity.
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Should euthanasia be legalised?
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In Germany, the Bundestag is looking into a reform of the legislation on euthanasia, leading to a heated debate on the pros and cons of assisted suicide. Should we have the right to determine when we want to die or are there too many circumstances in which any law allowing assisted suicide could be exploited to harm the vulnerable and the ill?
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Is solidarity in Europe fading?
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The nationalist right is on the up and negative headlines make the running, and yet, polls show that support for the EU is recovering and spontaneous displays of consensus in matters such as the Charlie Hebdo assassinations bear witness to our continued ability to empathise and to work together. How then to reconcile these seeming contradictions, is solidarity fading or are we merely witnessing a series of fraternal disputes?
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