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Brexit or “remain and reform”?
150 150 Time To Talk
This Battle of Ideas satellite debate looks at Brexit and the macropolitical level, using it as an inroad to a discussion on reforming the EU and for a contemplation of the impact of Brexit on the broader geopolitical situation internationally in an age of changing power constellations.
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Europe and its dissenters – with Gisela Stuart
150 150 Time To Talk
Christian Ultsch & Ivan Krastev speak to the German-born, ex-Labour MP, Gisela Stuart about her motivations for leading the Vote Leave campaign in the Brexit referendum in light of her own European background and about the zeitgeist behind the Brexit vote.
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People’s populism versus democracy of the elites?
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Frank Furedi and Ivan Krastev speak in a Red House debate which asks whether populism can be considered to be a sign of radical democratic renewal, an indication of under pressure elites' mistrust in their populaces or as a description of a wide-range of approaches to politics which adopt simplistic false dualities.
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