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Framing with Baldwin Van Gorp
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Beurschouwburg and deBuren team up to challenge our perception of normality. This discussion between Baldwin Van Gorp and Selm Wenselaers looks at the concept of framing, assessing how the formulation of information develops and frames our understanding of the world around us.
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Power & Powerlessness, Vienna Humanities Festival 2018
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The Vienna Humanities Festival returns to look at the dynamics of power and powerlessness in 39 discussions with renowned speakers, five screenings of related classic & contemporary films and a performance of Vyrypaev's The Iran Conference.
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Cynics or saints? The representational politics of disability
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Kultura Liberalna take a look at the recent disability protests in the Sejm, asking what needs to be done to help disabled people in Polish society and how we can avoid serious topics being reduced to vessels for political ambition and insincere promises.
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Dissidents today – from anti-communism to anti-liberalism?
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Nikolay Mihaylov talks to The Red House about the boundaries of public discussion, looking at whether liberalism itself innately restricts our ability to discuss our concerns and the conditions we need to guarantee an environment within which democratic alternatives can be widely discussed.
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Battle of Ideas 2016: free speech allowed
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This year's Battle of Ideas focuses on free speech, but looks at a myriad of different areas from Brexit and Trump through to coups in Brazil and Turkey and tensions in and with Eastern Europe. Join 400-plus speakers in London's Barbican for a debating festival of considerable breadth, which demands that its audiences challenge and be challenged!
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What’s the taboo?
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Every society has its own taboos. In some countries their discussion is legally restricted, in others merely disapproved of. From menstruation to religion, censorship and tradition affect what we are able to and what we want to discuss. Listen to Index as they break taboos and discuss the unacceptable, looking at how this varies depending on where and who we are.
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