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Dessislava Gavrilova

People’s populism versus democracy of the elites?
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Frank Furedi and Ivan Krastev speak in a Red House debate which asks whether populism can be considered to be a sign of radical democratic renewal, an indication of under pressure elites' mistrust in their populaces or as a description of a wide-range of approaches to politics which adopt simplistic false dualities.
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A crisis of liberalism? A conversation with Ognyan Minchev
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Why are European voters turning away from the traditional political representatives of mainstream liberalism? And, what has led some of the former Eastern bloc's foremost proponents of liberal democracy to start taking a more critical stance on the EU and European elites?
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Is it time to talk?
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Is it time to talk? discusses the merits of debating in the present climate, asking what the obstacles to effective debating are and what needs to be done to overcome them and the ensure the efficacy of our future approaches: a discussion of polarisation, accessibility and engagement.
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