CEF 2014 – Sunday 16th November

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Unfortunately, there were some difficulties with the audio recording of Sunday’s events. Subsequently, we only have a Slovakian-language recording of Us and Them and an English-language version of the second half of GLOBSEC at CEF, with an accompanying link to a full-length Slovakian recording. Happily, Theatre and Freedom was unaffected by these issues and you can view a full-length English-language recording below.

Us and Them (in Slovakian)

Society has become hopelessly divided into sealed-off sections, incapable of communicating with one another and each with the feeling of being victimised by the others. This phenomenon, a quasi poisoning of the collective mind, has affected and, to some degree paralysed, vast swathes of the world, with its impact apparent in Central and Eastern Europe, the US and many other parts of the world. What is its cause and what are its implications?

Speakers: Zora Bútorová (Slovakia) – Mitchell Cohen (US) – Gyorgy Dalos (Hungary) – Haris Pašović (Bosnia-Herzegovina) – Jurko Prochasko (Ukraine).

Chair: Thierry Chervel (Germany).


(click here for a full-length Slovakian recording of this debate)

Co-organised by the Slovak Atlantic Commission, a member of the Central European Strategy Council.

The vision of a unified Europe, which is free and at peace remains unfulfilled. After several rounds of enlargement, signs of fatigue are apparent in both the European Union and NATO. Are there attractive Russia-centric alternatives to European and Euro-Atlantic integration? What must be done to buttress Ukrainian aspirations ,and those of other nations, in such matters as EU membership? Has Central Europe been active enough?

Speakers: Josef Braml (Germany) – Vasyl Cherepanyn (Ukraine) – Andrej Soldatov (Russia).

Chair: Mário Nicolini (Slovakia).

Theatre and Freedom

A discussion with the directors of the Belarus Free Theatre.

Speakers: Natalia Kaliada – Nikolaj Khalezin (Belarus).

Chair: Ján Šimko (Slovakia).